Things I used to say…Day 1

Posted: February 6, 2012 in Things I used to say...

This post series  is dedicated to the last year of training which I have thoroughly enjoyed. I will take quotes from posts I have made in the past that I now deem to be bullshit with the intention of highlighting, for my own education/your enjoyment, why my old opinion was either “misleading” or just plain idiotic. The series is based on the recent “Shit I used to say” trend, with an alteration courtesy of a recent comment by Joe Dowell regarding professionalism, blogging and language.

Let’s get this under way!

Day 2 – You are squatting like a little bitch. (Feb 23rd 2011)

Let’s not even begin to dig into how much insecurity it takes a loud mouth 20 year old to have to defecate a title like that onto the internet. I can quickly summarize this last 12 months’ mindset in “I KNOW MY SHIT” -> “I know some shit…” -> “I don’t know shit, what the hell am I doing in this life, dear Lord save me” -> “I can be helpful in a weights room and can make a person stronger, but I don’t know everything”.

I said:

“That is a freakin’ squat, ladies. Also – weight belts, wrist supports or anything in general that helps you lift that isn’t YOU is a waste of time and a distraction from your real ability. You’re just hiding a weakness – instead, identify it and work on it… If you feel you need one, outside of an injury, you’re not ready to progress yet.”

I say:

Nowadays, I believe I am now firmly understanding more about squatting, the many variations of squatting and their potential uses. If you compare my own squatting abilities from then to now, the difference is remarkable. In one entire year, I have only notched a recorded 5kg gain in what I call squats. Why? Because I had far more to learn that I thought I had – unconscious incompetence. That’s not even going into how terrifying squatting was alongside uncertainty in my own technique. Needless to say, I was squatting like a little bitch.  A month ago I realised what I wanted from my technique/squat regime and started daring myself to put on heavier weights. Result? A new PR, better Deadlift and vanishing knee pain.

Regarding supports, there’s still some truth in there. I personally don’t consider a Deadlift a Deadlift PR if you’re using wraps. Chalk I understand (sweat is a frustrating reason to miss a lift). The use of wraps/supports changes entirely based on the individual you’re training. Sprinter trying to develop a weak posterior chain? Wraps are a perfect way to remove grip as a limiting factor and properly train the target area. A loose belt to help you activate your core in a heavy squat? Fire away, whatever works. Supports permitted in competition? Practice what you’re performing!

Next up, more abuse of my former self.

Lift and learn.



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