More good news!

Posted: December 8, 2011 in Uncategorized

Wednesday’s effort:

Sleep deprived, meal deprived and frustrated, I cranked out a new bench 1RM of 97.5kg, narrowly missing 100kg.

As of next week, I should hopefully be in the 3-digit bench club.

I have been taking every precaution possible in order to prepare for a Deadlift re-test this Saturday…let’s just say that come Saturday, I’ll be loaded with glycogen and overloaded with testosterone. (See Reddit’s “No fap challenge) for details)

Leud conversation aside, I simply cannot wait for the next opportunity to blast the Deadlift. On Friday, some plyometrics will be performed and on Saturday, the aim is 200kg.


This is just a quick update to say that the higher 1RM% work has brought forth benefits – another box ticked in this kick ass regimen.



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