Busy times – The Training Constant

Posted: October 26, 2011 in Our Philosophy

Life is currently kicking up a shit storm – my hons project is taking up a disproportionate  amount of time, but alas, it’s interesting.

I’m working with amateur golfers, investigating the effects of blind somatosensory training on club head/ball speed – I’ll keep nerds posted and very likely post my dissertation up here come February.

Recently illness and university work have been an issue. Illness has meant more sleep, which has meant less time, which has meant less time for training which is unfortunately not essential. That said, at times like this, I remember Dave Tate’s concept that I harp on about often – training should be a constant. As such, I make time for it as often as possible.

We’ve kept up with the Sadiv/Speed work method but are roughly a week behind. Despite this, I’ve put 2.5kg on my 1RM bench ad 65kg on my 1RM OHP.

I can honestly say that this training frequency/intensity is seemingly perfect for us at the moment.

The Sadiv sets let you spend an ample amount of time at a high intensity and with my own program design, it appears a sweet spot has been reached. Earlier, I was able to say that this was certainly a method of returning to a better form. I can now honestly say that working Sadiv’s and speed work as we have is ample motivation to improve your lifting numbers. Furthermore, considering I have increased my caloric intake and put on 4kgs without putting in much effort, I can personally vouch for this regime’s ability to promote hypertrophy.

As for enjoyment, it is by far the most fun Ross and I have had in the gym since CommonStrength began. It’s challenging, you’re operating at a high relative weight consistently and it has a thrilling daily variation to it. It is also very easy to modify as you progress…

Lifting at 80kg for 10 then 82.5kg for 5 and 80kg for 5? Did that 82.5 feel easy? Do it for ten. Was it hell? Do it for two, 80kg for 8 then try the 5 reps next time. It’s easy to manipulate and the effects are so far startling. You simply up the reps at a given weight or decrease them. No worries about how many reps in sets, sets all together, just hit a single weight, once a minute, ten times…when it’s easy…take it up!

I can only hope someone out there tried it as we’ve detailed in the beginning.

It works.

Currently nothing more to update with the lifts, I’ll detail them as days done, but I don’t think the Sadiv/Speed method will stop for some time.

For now, CommonStrength will focus on improving performance outside of the regime itself – a more specific look into exercises themselves, nutrition, motivation and progress.

Go train, suckas!



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