Day 6 – Returning to form

Posted: October 2, 2011 in Sadiv Sets for Strength + Speed Work

Friday – a good day to blow off steam, if you have any left following the working week…

Squats (Sadiv’s)
Bench (Sadiv’s)
Rows (Sadiv’s)


First up squats – final intentions (and results) were 110kg x5, 120kg x3 and 130kg x 1.

Again, focus was on spreading the knees apart, bracing the core and keeping the weight on the heels. All in all a satisfying squat session today, though I feel a repeat of the same numbers may be necessary on Monday. Though I was happy the numbers went up, I feel that throwing another 10kgs on might be a bit of a rush. It’s likely that the same workout will occur again, except with another 2.5/5kgs. Following the effort described above, we hit a 10 rep Sadiv set @ 100kg. As we’re focussing on velocity with these, it’s unlikely that a 10kg increase will come on Monday.

There’s no need to rush into going as heavy as you can, particularly when making technique adjustments. It’s worth biding time and being certain of both technique and ability before racing ahead and either scooping up an injury or training at high intensity with poor technique.


With bench, we put in a very solid performance. I’m beginning to adapt to the wide-grip whilst Ross is beginning to return to his pre-summer form.

We both threw our old 1RMs up with surprisingly impressive velocity. Bracing was especially important in this effort – I feel it allowed for a very stable platform for the bar to ascend from. Prior to the decent, I quite simply thought “tense core, grit teeth, shoulders back” then boom – bar blasted from the chest.

If it’s not a conscious part of your lifting, I seriously recommend thinking about it. Again, I repeat, regardless of lift, tense your core!

Sadiv’s were performed with an extra 2.5kg for the first 5 reps successfully.


Rows were last up – Sadiv’s this time with an added 2.5kg in each set because frankly we felt quite confident! Grip became an issue at the tail end of the set, but it felt like more of a sweat issue than a force generating issue.

Courtesy of a previous article I wrote for, some Liquid Chalk should be in my possession by the end of the week – expect a review.

The ground-parallel back position caused its first issue in this session, purely because my back began to fatigue quicker. This was not an issue on Monday – I believe mid-week Deadlifts may have added to this fatigue (alongside the added weight lifted).


To summarize, I’d really like to hammer home the concept of bracing – tensing other muscles other than “target” muscles in order to create a stable foundation from which to generate force.

It’s worth looking into “neck packing” if you want to learn a little more. For an example of how this works for force generation, have a friend shove you, then cock your head back and tuck your chin down and have them try again. You’ll notice you’re in a stronger position of resistance. In coming weeks, I’m going to focus on using this technique in the bench press as part of a bracing strategy.



Bracing – Tense your core, I’ll say it a thousand more times until someone out there tells me they’ve used it to produce a result. It’s a simple part of lifting yet one often neglected or “assumed”. Do it consciously, regardless of skill level. It may take a while to see a result from it, but soon you’ll get used to pushing from a more stable muscle network.

Go train, folks.

(I have a friend of mine beside me who just commented on my over-stressing of the “tense your core” and “bracing” concepts. Yes folks, it really is that important…even non-gym addict friends are taking notice)


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