Day 5 – Mid-week grind

Posted: September 29, 2011 in Sadiv Sets for Strength + Speed Work

The sweating began well before the workout yesterday as the gym was a sweltering hot place to be – busy with lifters and sun streaming through the windows. When the doors of the SPC close behind you, it can feel a bit like strolling into a pressure cooker.

Today’s workout:

Deadlift (1×12 @ 110kg)
OHP (3×8 @ for speed)
Pull-up (5×6)


The first exercise performed was the Deadlift. The warm-up was lengthy, ramping up to a single at 150kg before the speed work.

The actual speed work itself was sufficiently challenging without reaching an overload. The real key with the Sadiv style Deadlift is velocity – getting from the starting position to the finish position as quickly as possible. With all of the focus on speed, I initially found myself failing subtly in technique – i.e. a slight lean forward at the finish plus activating my hip thrust too quickly.

It annoyed me. By the third set, I decided to give myself two specific cues so as to regain proper form – two I used to rely on and had begun to take for granted – “Drive” until the knees the “Hips” when the bar is passing the knees, calling for a drive phase when the legs are straightening and throwing the hips forward when the bar passes the knees. I was planning to write-up a detailed Deadlift exercise technique checklist, but without pictures/video, I doubt anyone would be using it. It may be time for CommonStrength to invest in some equipment…

Instead, this is gold:

Next week, the numbers will rise.


After another lengthy warm-up, it was time for the OHP speed-work – 3×8 @ maximum velocity. I have been having some left-sided shoulder issues for the last two weeks since returning to heavy lifts – the same issue I had months ago. However, with a very thorough warm-up and mobility work courtesy of Eric Cressey’s “Assess and Correct” product, it hasn’t stopped me performing lifts – pain decreases significantly as well as function.

Again, the key here is velocity. The idea isn’t to bang out 8-reps as quickly as possible, but to smash the working phase of the movement as quickly as you can – pushing the bar over head. However, on this date, I was indeed guilty of speeding between reps – I’ll resist this in future, but we had places to be and I was amped up.


Pull-ups were not prime today. I believe the grip involvement in the Deadlift had a lot to do with this as well as the taxing nature of the movement itself.

Work was split into 5×6 for myself, with the last 6 being broken into 3 separate mini-sets.

Next time I approach this lift, my focus will be on engaging core musculature and dragging my elbows down, so as to brace efficiently and activate the target muscles, respectively.

I found pull-ups where I focused on tensing my abdomen deliberately were noticeably easier…more evidence of the impact of conscious core-contraction benefiting performance.


A thought a day…

– Deadlift? Drive, HIPS. Done.
– Repeat: regardless of lift, tensing your core is likely to help you shift weight more comfortably.
– Cressey’s A&C product is something every serious lifter/athlete should own – a genuinely bang-on, straight forward approach to working out what’s limiting your body and smashing through those boundaries.


Off for some calories,

Wish me luck.


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