Day 3 – Time: Harmer + Healer

Posted: September 24, 2011 in Sadiv Sets for Strength + Speed Work

A warm welcome to those of you who have found CommonStrength via my article on on the Benefits of Sleep – it’s a little cold here and there’s a lack of chairs, but I’m sure you’ll find something to lean against.

Times change and so do people.

When CommonStrength began, I was bursting with much of the bravado that comes with gym time and being a young male in the 21st century. “You’re squatting like a little bitch” or something to that effect was one of my very first blog posts. In hindsight I regret the title, but I don’t regret the content – being that much of my opinion/knowledge has changed and grown respectively since that time, which I’ve shown in posts since then.

You could say that CommonStrength was two things – a training log and a vehicle to flaunt my exercise knowledge…of course, in the short time I’ve been blogging, my motivations have changed dramatically. The truth is that I had only truly began to uncover my own methods of learning and my own theories of motivation by writing about them. I found myself typing some things and thinking “why do I think that? It sounds ridiculous.” At times, I would be justified, at others, surprised and educated. My point is that I’ve grown a lot since I began keeping this blog. For those of you that are tempted but worry that you can’t write impressively or don’t want to risk being embarrassed – I beg you to take the chance. Sure, I could have kept this personal, but it wouldn’t have been as serious, I wouldn’t have been asked questions and I wouldn’t have cared enough to ask myself questions either.

Also, this morning’s row was just a reminder as to how much I enjoy coaching. Four lads who were shaking off some rust managed to belt out some well earned metres at DUBC this morning, was a pleasure to be hoisted along by them.  Feeling an able part of that development/return, I was happy.


Day 3 – Monday’s session again with increased intensity.

Today’s session began with squats this time around – props to Julian at East Strength for putting exercise order at the front of my mind.

Still suffering from Wednesday’s Deadlifts, there was initially some serious warming-up to do, but alas, no issue afterwards.

We simply ramped up to 110kg then performed a 10 rep/10 minute Sadiv Set (with speed) at 80kg. It was a day of focusing on technique over load, with particular attention to firing the knees out and away from the core. These were performed much better than Monday’s rusty/exhausted pieces.


Next, OHPs.

After a thorough warm-up, we hit the next step-up in the Sadiv sets:

Sean – 5×1 @ 52.5kg + 5×1 @ 50kg.
Ross – 5×1@ 55kg + 5×1 @ 52.5kg.

These were more challenging than Monday’s efforts – mainly because we had cranked up the weight plus we still have some aches from Friday. Aches, however, are (according to all research) not evident of muscle damage and as such shouldn’t effect lifting performance.

Particular attention was placed on sitting the bar across the anterior deltoids – get those elbows forward and high!

NOTE: Next time you’re sore – make sure you’re warmed up before the set and you’ll be fine!


Last – 30 rep pull-ups.

I managed these much better than Monday – 4 sets of six and 2 sets of three. Having had that down time, my body is beginning to re-adjust to that pull-up motion (muscle memory kicking in).

Ross had a less than stellar performance here with an extra set to make up the deficit – he blames swimming that morning.


Important points:

– Time is everything. Spend it doing X, get better at X. Spend it doing Y, get better at Y. Spend it doing neither – you will suck at both…and the more time spent not doing them, the worse the degrade.
– “Muscle soreness” – not a viable excuse to stop exercising. This is of course the muscle pain known as DOMS (Delayed onset muscle soreness) and not that associated with lactic acid build-up – still not an excuse… Get back to exercise by foam rolling and adequately warming up.

Go train, fellas.

  1. Julian says:

    Cheers for the shout out matey. YES about muscle soreness not precluding training ability, just look at the guys at average bros gym or anyone following any type of bulgarian method. Saying that i pulled something today being a bit silly with front squats.

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