Day 2 – Training – The only constant.

Posted: September 22, 2011 in Sadiv Sets for Strength + Speed Work

Dave Tate’s advice is to train, always.

This wasn’t just his way of saying consistency gets results. In fact, it had a lot more to it than that. Everyone needs one thing they can always count on – something that, when all seems to have lost its meaning, can keep you on track.

For me, this has always been exercise. Throughout high school and university, at times of great stress and disharmony, if I’ve been training, I’ve kept a clear head and an ability to move forward.

Life is not a straight path. It winds, the terrain changes, it doubles back, it forks, it wears and it eventually ends. Throughout the journey, you’ll need something that’s always there to remind you to look ahead and move forward. When a curve ball comes your way, you need something to remind yourself what normal ever was. Training is my normal.



Bench (Speed work – 50% 1RM 8×3)
Bent over row (As above)
Deadlift (Sadiv sets for Deadlift = 60% 12 reps in 12 minutes with high velocity)

We were required to see where our 1RMs were:


Sean (85kg)
Ross (90kg)

Notice how these are the same as what we pushed when we began CS? When we tried the 5×5 method, we amped our  numbers up 5kg. Following that, we stalled them with the original Ramping method attempt. Now, after a summer hiatus, our lifts have regressed. Hopefully, within the next week or two, we’ll return to our 5×5 gains – they were narrowly missed on Wednesday.

This was our first attempt at speed bench. “Speed” would be an interesting way to word it seeing as you slow considerably following more repetitions. That said, we kept the key in mind – maximum effort = maximum muscle fibre/MU recruitment.

Again, I’m focussing particularly on bracing – tensing my core, my jaw, pulling the bar apart and retracting my shoulders. I’m looking forward to increases in benching ability.


Bent over row:

Sean (100kg)
Ross (90kg)

We were happy to see no losses had come up in these lifts.

This year, I’ve decided to pull with a spinal alignment more parallel to the floor. Now, this is actually a pet hate of mine. When asked, I recommend otherwise because the pulling motion is worked before back fatigue becomes an issue. This year I’m trying otherwise as I’m trying to target the muscles in my mid-back more – my shoulders were becoming alarmingly obvious with the original technique and I had been ignoring that mid-back portion.

Speed work was much the same as the bench for this lift – it will be interesting to see how gains develop.



My favourite lift and where I lost my mind on Wednesday. I currently have no idea where my current 1RM lies as after succeeding at 170kg, I ran to 185kg. A bad mood had come over me and quite frankly I felt game. I obviously missed the lift, it being day 2 and all, but it was nice to attempt it – 5kgs above my previous 1RM.

Ross missed the 170kg (previous 1RM) but in his own words, he was exhausted. I had an energy drink with me and felt game to smash a 1RM (even though unsuccessful) – let that be a pointer.

The Sadiv Sets here are interesting in that they are basically speed Deadlifts at 60% of the 1RM. We broke through this with relative ease. Again, I’m looking forward to seeing where gains are made here, but I have less of a good feeling about these than I do the other Sadiv set type. Of course, I have no grounds to support either over the other, it’s just a hunch – I hope I’m wrong!


On Friday, we’ll be doing Monday’s session again with an increased weight in the first 4 sets of the Sadiv set. Of course, there will be less time spent Ramping and hunting for 1RMs this time around and we can get fired into the Sadiv sets quicker, hopefully shortening gym time.


What’s new?

– Training, for some of you, can be a rock. Hold tight, stay strong.
– First session back? Take it easy. Today, I am aching badly.
– Energy – we rely on it to lift heavy things. Get your glycogen stores loaded pre-session (carb load) and maintain energy levels throughout with an energy drink.

Go train.


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