Day 1 – Back to Resistance

Posted: September 20, 2011 in Sadiv Sets for Strength + Speed Work

For those of you that have been following CS for a while, you might remember a time prior to re-testing 1RMs where we had to take two weeks off. Barely active rest, literally off. We reckon our gains were stunted. Picture doing that for 3 months (there or there abouts) and you’ve got the situation we’re in.

Ross and I hit the same work-out yesterday –

OHP – Ramping then Sadiv Sets @ 90% of 1RM.
Pull-ups – 30 reps
Squats – Ramping with 5 rep sets then an 8 rep finisher.

So, how did it go?

OHP went ahead as planned, we actually found no loss in 1Rm, yet my 2RM was down.

Sadiv sets were a new experience and one I actually quite enjoyed. Each lift feels heavy and of course heavier with each lift – it’s a matter of time until we find out if they produce gains. The Ramping was particularly time consuming – from now on I will use the 90% 1RM and add 2.5kg on to the first 5 reps of each Sadiv set.

An example:

Monday – 10 reps @50kg

Friday – 5 reps @ 52.5kg + 5 reps @ 50kg.

Next Wednesday – Speed work

Monday – 10 reps @ 52.5kg.

It’s the same old idea – gradual gains spread over time.


Pull-ups were particularly interesting because for the first time since we began training together, Ross kicked my ass. At first sitting watching him, wider grip + more depth, I started to freak. Then it donned on me that I’m currently 10kgs heavier than him.

That brings up some very interesting points – namely that he has lost a lot of muscle mass yet still made his old 1RM. Strength, as we should all know by now, is not just about muscle – it’s also both neurological and psychological.


Squats are where the hilarity began. Now, I don’t know quite what to say here, but our day finished with Ross and I literally laughing at each other and our inability to walk, squat or even stand without nearly crying.

Ross and I merked some high squat numbers last year…3 reps at 140kg was our best effort and we were proud – it was a previous 1RM.

So how the hell were we struggling with 100kgs for 5 reps?

I’ve made a particular focus this time around on lifting with the legs – actively spreading your knees apart to activate your glutes. I’m also refining my own bracing – keeping the shoulders locked and the core tight.

We can only hope Monday was some sort of bizarre joke the bar played on us. We were both exhausted and all together just fell apart.

A day on and my legs are killing me. Squats are a beast – one that needs thorough practice to tame. Alas, we will see in time if we can better out lifting numbers.


This is probably a terrible blog post. My mind is way way far away from training at the moment, far too much going on inside my head for one guy to handle.

Perhaps I’ll be less confused next time around…

Until next time, folks.

Train hard, train smart, but above all – go train.

(I’m not spell checking this – soz)

  1. Julian says:

    Surely it would make more sense to squat at the beginning of the session vs the end ala classic exercise order?

    • Hey Julian. You’re quite right – on Monday I walked in and before I knew it had set-up the bar for OHP. My mistake. Haven’t made the post yet, but did the same thing with Deadlifts on Wednesday. Following some disabling distractions, logic will return as of Friday.

  2. Julian says:

    haha, good times matey, we have all been there, im sure you would have had better numbers if it was first. Those sessions where you are operating at 50% of maximum yet feel destroyed are demoralising to say the least. Out of interest, how much more medicine do you have left (yrs-wise)?

    • I’ll find out tonight – definitely keen to get back into confident squatting again, it’s a hell of a skill to lose! As for medicine, 3 more! Getting a bachelors in Sports this year though, year away from kids with chesty coughs, haha!

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