Go your own way

Posted: August 27, 2011 in Our Philosophy

You are not here forever.

Every day, the opportunities to take a step forward in the direction you’ve been planning to go (feel free to call this direction your dreams) are ambling and dwindling around you. More importantly, they’re right in front of you…even more importantly, you’re not doing anything about them. Apathy is a hell of a drug – I know this because I’ve experienced the results of being lazy and not being lazy…the contrast is startling.

“Why? Why not? Why not me? Why not now?”  – Jim Rohn.

Successful people have learned the benefit of taking that step forward.


If you’re looking for motivation, first ask yourself if you’re doing what you want to do in the first place. Does it make sense not to be motivated to do something you actually want to do? You’d think that if you truly wanted to do something, you’d have a limitless amount of energy for it.

If you’ve decided you do want to do something, then ask yourself why. Your motives behind your actions are what bolster your energy for that activity. Perhaps your motives have changed now but you’re in too deep. It’s important to remember that that’s OK! You’re a human creature, you’ll grow, you’ll have new experiences, you’ll change…it’s never too late to change the game you’re playing.

If you’ve decided you want to do something and your motives are relevant and good, yet still you can’t find the motivation, you’re probably stuck in an apathetic state you’ve learned from years of sitting in front of a computer and procrastinating because, whatever the activity, your heart just wasn’t in it. Perhaps you weren’t at a computer…perhaps you were on a playing field or wearing a uniform. Now, it’s a case of breaking free from those shackles and creating a new rhythm…your own rhythm, your own light, your own life, where you make your own rules and, out of principle, enforce them vigorously.

Remember that your motivation will be challenged. Even when you are in the right place, doing what you want to do, you can be shot down. A quote for life – you’re not tested when you’re on top of the mountain, you’re tested on the climb. Be relentless in your pursuit of your own  dreams…if you’re sitting waiting for a stroke of luck, you’ll wait your whole damn life.

So, if you’re looking for motivation and your apathetic habits are slowing you down, or you’re up against seemingly unbeatable/unbearable circumstances and it’s not down to your heart not truly being in it, what do you do next? I suggest asking yourself the following:

– Why are you here?
– Why did you start on this journey?
– What have you given up to get there?
– What have you gained so far?
– What is the ultimate goal?

It’s not selfish and an entirely necessary process for progress…consistent reflection and redirection. (That’s why CS started in the first place)

If you answer these and your motivation is still lacking, a kick up the ass with inspirational media (songs, videos, images) can sometimes pull you out of the ditch and back onto the pitch…as said before, we’re all human creatures subject to limitless experience and perception – motivation for you may be entirely different from someone else, even within the same task.

Of course, remember that some things either are impossible or become impossible due to decisions you’ve made – don’t be afraid to admit it’s time to go back to square one. Sometimes you need to walk back before you charge forward.


The message I’m trying to put across here is one of change. You can become something different – just make sure your intentions are YOURS and that they’re GOOD…and if you’re unhappy with what you’ve become, you can change again. You did it before, why not make a change for the better this time?

Courage is not to live without fear – it is to live despite it.


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