Learning, lifting, living.

Posted: July 21, 2011 in Uncategorized

I’ve spent the last few weeks without a proper source of heavy weight training. As such, I had to find another source to get my “gain” on.

As posted in previous blogs, I took on “mental strength” as a factor to train and in recent weeks, I’ve found this to be quite fulfilling in and out of the gym. However, training in such a fashion (at maximum intensity) while running on solid pavement cannot be maintained – my ankles are aching and my shins are splinting. I could swim or use a machine at the gym, but frankly, it’s just not the same – I run after midnight when the streets are dead, I promise I don’t pretend I’m a super hero…

The next few weeks are giving me time to work on some flexibility issues that have been annoying me (lower posterior chain/shoulder mobility) as well as long distance steady state cardio as described by Joel Jamieson in this article.  As such, exercise currently revolves around mobility drills, foam rolling and core stability work. I’m hoping this sets me up for some strength gains in November-December – but I won’t know until then!

After years of rowing, training 6-days a week with my recovery being spent sat at a computer, you might imagine my hamstrings would be short and my posture would be rounded…you’d be correct. Couple that with the fact my coach had absolutely no knowledge of antagonistic training methods for injury prevention/strength development and my body’s bio-mechanical nightmare can be better understood. I’m still struggling with these issues today – but that’s what I’m using the rest of this summer for.

So what’s on my agenda? Seeing a physiotherapist, buying Eric Cressey’s famous  “Assess and Correct“, exercise as described above and hitting the gym for LSD training with a friend of mine who’s trying to strip off some pounds (a CommonStrength project for the coming weeks).

CommonStrength itself will change soon – I’ll be MMA blogging from www.bigdaddyfightteam.com and Ross and I will be working on a new project related to all of S&C, not just a strength focus. CommonStrength.com will continue to live, but the posts will be entirely about the training I’m doing personally – to keep myself in check!


“Learning, lifting, living” comes from exactly what I’m doing at the moment!

Reading “Strength and Conditioning – Biological Principles and Practical Applications” and keeping up to date with the pro’s blogs…
Hitting the gym (lifting isn’t a huge part of that at the moment unfortunately)…
And living…hitting old video games like there’s no tomorrow!


Happy training/rehab folks!

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