Day 7/8 – You thought I’d forgotten?

Posted: May 16, 2011 in Our Philosophy, The Ramping Method

Slight hiatus – been incredibly busy recently travelling to Manchester for University, plus a shed load of associated work. However, this doesn’t mean I’ve stopped exercising – just had to rearrange the sessions somewhat.

First session of the week for myself was the Bench/Bent-Over rows as Ross had completed the Squat/Pull-ups session on his own earlier in the week.

This week is the first 2-rep week.

Bench – we both maxed out shy of our old 1RM’s, which wasn’t the best result at all as we had previously pushed our old 1RMs for 2 full reps.
Bent-over rows – this was the same, coming just shy of performing as we usually can. (100kg for myself and around 85-90kg for Ross)

Having spent the majority of my time that week sitting on trains/busses and in conferences, I feel I wasn’t up to scratch. It had also been 5 days since I had done anything like exercise – call it rack rust (again).

I’ll find out from the numbers in coming weeks if our approach does not have maximal volume – until then we’re progressing as planned. I feel the progress WOULD be compounded if we were able to do the additional accessory work…of course, slowing gains could quite possible be due to improving technique and strength. Again, the absolute focus in coming weeks will be the completion of accessory work.

Failing that, I get to revise an entire programme all over again! That may sound like a complaint, but I do it in my spare time out of boredom anyway.


In Squats/Pull-ups, we’re still practicing the front squat…this will continue for the next few weeks. Of course, we do still complete some sub-maximal high bar back squats – this week stopping at 130kgs for Ross and 140kgs for myself (Ross’ abdomen issues are causing problems).

Weighted pull-ups – we both cleared the 25kgs easily (a gain from the week before) and managed 1 solid rep at 30kgs, failing on the 2nd.


I’ll be able to focus on this blog again as I have a much more predictable timetable now – expect more facebook clogging. This is not an insightful post by any means, I just wanted to get the info down…above all else, this blog is here for me to track my own progress. I’m not running a business, I’m not making any cash, I’m just training hard with a fellow exercise addict and hoping that, somewhere along the way, strangers and friends are learning how to make progress (and not be a total dick in the process).

If you ever take anything from this blog and never plan to look here ever again, at least remember the following:

– New to lifting? Aiming to build muscle? Practice compound movements ONLY until you’re no longer seeing gains – then start the isolation work.
– New to lifting? Aiming to build strength? Practice compound movements ONLY until you identify specific weaknesses in your lifts – perform accessory work accordingly.
– Compound movements = Military Press, Pull-up, Bench-press, Bent-over row, Squat, Deadlift. (movements that use many muscles as one unit)
– Isolation movements = bicep curls, tricep extensions, etc… (movements that use a single muscle to produce movement)
– Don’t bicep curl in the squat rack
– Squat below parallel (it is NOT bad for your knees)
– The internet is your friend…there are technique videos EVERYWHERE.
– If you’re not afraid of the weight on the bar, it’s not heavy enough.
– Listen to music
– Drink caffeine only on gym days
– Be a technique nazi (if you hit the same movement every time, your gains are more likely to be strength related)
– Hydrate (3-4L a day)

If you think this blog is judgemental of gym users – suck it up. Chances are, if it’s offending you, you’re in need of some criticism to maximise your potential. Half-way efforts make half-way gains – why expect anything more than what you put into your training?

Mad that I take the occasional swing at the bicep curling, tight shirt wearing, spray-tanning, narcissistic masses? Shut the fuck up and train – it’s all I ask.


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