Day 6 – Warm-up, throw-down.

Posted: May 11, 2011 in The Ramping Method

I haven’t had time to write-up our most recent session – it has been crazy hectic this last week and as a result, THIS week’s sessions will have to be crushed into a very small amount of time.


Week 2 – 3 reps – Military Press + Deadlift

Deadlift – some interesting findings for us both. Ross’ “1RM” he lifted as his maximum 3 rep set (160kg)…so yeah, there’s another gain for you. I shifted the 170kg for  3 reps as my final set (I’d have loved have kept raising the numbers, but time was running out again.) The most interesting finding was the 170kg lift for Ross. He made the attempt as he was sure last week he could have managed it for at least one rep. However, what happened was a little strange…he started in the starting position…and ended in the finish position…yet the lift left much to be desired. The bar stopped just above the knees, where there was much squatting/hiking/off-balance behaviour. The lift was not completed in a smooth motion and the muscles used changed when the bar passed the knees…picture resting the bar on your knees and doing mini squats to try to “jump” it up your thigh. Next week – he’ll nail it!

Military press was, to be quite frank, a complete disaster. We had 15 minutes, had a very poor warm-up and shifted a measly 50kgs for the 3 maximum. Sure, it was my old  1RM lifted 3 times, but I could’ve done much more with a more able warm-up, as could Ross.


I ended up in the gym much more than I’m used to this week. I video’d a lot of technique drills and found myself quite content…however, I am looking forward to becoming more efficient with power cleans/front squats. All in due time.

I finished all of the accessory work I had to miss out due to time-constraints throughout the week.



A quick note here.

I’ve taken on board some words from Dave Tate (living lifting legend) in part 2 of the infamous video series “So you think you can bench?“. Basically, without a lengthy warm-up, there’s not an optimum amount of blood in your muscles (pretty obvious there) but a more complex idea mentioned is that of learned movements – your body is more efficient in movements it carries out more often (practised motor pathways). Therefore without an apt warm-up, you get less practice with appropriate technique, thus slowing your body’s learning of that movement (and slowing your strength gains).

The first day we incorporated the lengthy warm-ups was the day I cleared the 180kg Deadlift…worth thinking about?


Dime a dozen:

– Our time management is atrocious, it’s time we got this sorted!
–  Warm-ups…they’re not just for performance on the day, but improved performance months down the line!


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