Day 3 – Massive Gains

Posted: April 30, 2011 in The Ramping Method

After the week’s events, a sterling performance was required today to bolster some confidence. Though we had made maximum efforts through the week, we had hoped for bigger gains…today was a different story and it put some of our own thoughts regarding lifting into a good light.

The session: Deadlift + Military press (4 rep max)/Anti-Rotational pulling work/Cleans/Anti-extension work

We decided to start with the Deadlift today – an old friend we hadn’t seen in almost a month.


Deadlift – We decided to focus on getting a thorough warm-up today. That meant small increases of 10kilos from 60kgs lifting for 4-5 reps. After 100kg, we began the 4-rep max pursuit. Though some of you may be aware of our obsession with Deadlifts, others may not. They are the greatest exercise of all time, end of story. Huge amounts of mass used in a movement that happens in everyday life – absolutely essential training. So how did we perform? Well, today, I maxed out the 4 reps at 160kg, Ross maxed at 150kg…how big is this gain? Well, let’s consider this…

From February 21st:

“Sean Cassidy @ 82.5kg:

Deadlift – 150kg

Ross Lang @ 80kg:

Deadlift – 140kg”

That’s right…Ross and I maxed out lifting 10kgs above our 1RM a total of 4 times. Intrigued, we decided to hammer on and get some 1RM testing done…results:

Sean Cassidy @ 86kg:

Deadlift – 180kg

Ross Lang @ 82.5kg

Deadlift – 160kg

I actually forgot to mention this before – but we both put on about 3-4kgs over the last 6 weeks.
Anyway – blatantly terrifying gains. So why did we not make these gains in the Squat and the Bench? Perhaps we were training these movements too frequently…once a week, as per the programme I designed may be more of an optimum training frequency – we’ll only find out in the coming weeks. Regardless, we’re over the moon with the results. Ross reckons the 170kg marker is possible for himself – his grip gave in before anything else. Perhaps next week that will be a possibility.

Military press – We were pushed for time by this point and as such didn’t get to warm up as much as we had wanted to, but alas – gains were again present.

I shifted the 50kg 4 times (my old 1RM) and reckon I could have done more. Ross narrowly missed 70kgs – though the time press/lesser warm-up was likely hampering. Not to mention the fact that old shoulder injuries for both of us started to creep up again…




We were unable to complete any other movements other than these two (gym closes early on Saturdays) but we’ll return on Monday and attempt to hit everything we’ve missed.

It was a kick ass day – obvious gains. The most blatant so far…it’ll be interesting to see what happens in the coming weeks regarding the other lifts.


Day’s knowledge:

– Training for strength = once a week optimum?
– Mobility can cure more injuries than you’d imagine. Aches and pains? Paracetamol/Anti-Inflammatories may stop the pain, but they may be covering up an underlying imbalance – go see a physiotherapist.
– Warm-ups…you wouldn’t build a house without foundations* – make sure you’re fully prepared for your work-out!
– Training = Rehab. My old shoulder injury/back pains were not present until taking time off from the gym, they’re now returning (slightly). That doesn’t mean training with an injury is smart, it means physical training can prevent and repair certain injuries, in particular imbalances.

Was it just a fluke? Did our lifts drastically improve because we were training these movements only once weekly? Perhaps we were just rusty at the start of the week? We’ll find out next week!

Stay tuned.

  1. Nice work! Big PR’s. Keep it up.

    Also, I like the Weingroff reference!

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