Day 17 (Ross’ day) – Induction of Labour

Posted: March 31, 2011 in Bill Starr 5x5 Intermediate Programme

Evening blog viewers, Ross here!

Can I first say that I apologise if I have caused offence to any one of the staff members of the ISE after my show of frustration on Tuesday. They were doing their job, and rules are rules. I respect that, and always will. However, you must understand the frustration at not being able to train. I have always been taught to be humble, and even though frustration can kick in during the heat of the moment, I will always be humble. To this end I again apologise for any undue offence, it was not intended.

Before I give you the low down on today’s session I’d first like to address a comment that was posted on ‘Day 16 (part 2)’. The comment raised the issue of going to the gym and not having a goal or a plan. (Please check out the comment if you wish). The basis of this ISE user’s argument was that if you head to the gym without a plan, if your aim is to lose weight for example, then that’s fine, and that having a plan isn’t for everyone. So here is my take on things:

With regards to training with or without a plan. I have seen all too many times a person who is, as Joe Bloggs (this will be ISEuser’s pseudonym) says, obese or lazy come into a training environment without a plan and never come back. There is no benefit to this. As Sean said in his reply, consistency is the key. The goal does not need to be complicated, and neither does the plan. But to come into the gym and sit on a machine once every month and do a couple reps, or walk on the treadmill for 10 minutes is not going to work for anyone. Consistency and commitment will work. Short of self sacrifice, there are few things you can do to better yourself without consistency and commitment: doing a university course, learning to play the guitar, losing weight, getting stronger. All of them take consistency and commitment. Without these two things you will get nowhere fast, and the chances are you won’t even get there slow. Having a goal, having a plan to reach that goal, and having commitment to the plan to reach the goal – these are fundamental to achievement. Man didn’t stumble onto the moon by accident. The moon was the goal, and it took a plan and commitment to that plan to get there. A fairly grandiose example yes, but nevertheless it is a sound principle. Get a plan, and great things are possible. I am sure you can appreciate this. It is pointless to not have a plan. That said if your plan for going to the gym is to walk around in a tight t-shirt and pose for half an hour flexing your ‘guns’ – you can’t say they don’t exist – then I have no respect for what you are doing. If your goal is self improvement, be it getting fitter, stronger, or healthier, then I welcome you with open arms and I will aim to help anyone of you as much as I can – to plan, or to train.

Thanks for the criticism man/mannette, we appreciate any and all comments. Good, or bad. And if you ever feel like training with us, just ask. We would be glad to have you.


And so on with the session…

I will start with my induction. As I said in a previous post it was basically: ‘this is a thing…that is another thing…please put the things away when you’re done’. I will give my inductor his due though, he was friendly and seemed happy to help – a good man for anyone who doesn’t know what they are doing. (He is the one who looks like an actual athlete, by the way). So once he had finished I began my workout.

First I started with the light squats 4×5 (finishing comfortably with 102.5kg). These where lovely and deep. So deep in fact I couldn’t go any deeper or ass and floor would be one (and with the amount of testosterone filled gentlemen sweating in that gym I’m happier with my ass not touching the floor).

Next came the military press 4×5 (35, 42.5, 50, 57.5kg). These were solid. Pushing out the last two where great fun, but confidently raised high – definitely showing gains.

Finally the Deadlifts (capital D). 4×5 at 80, 97.5, 115 and 132.5kg. These were superb, strong, confident and no grip issues at all. The only issue I had was with the last rep when my form was not perfect. It wasn’t bad, the weight was steadily moved with no worries, but my spine started to curve slightly. But overall I am happy with my performance, very good session with some food for thought…

After the session was over I took some time to think, and I have come up with the conclusion, that the current limiting factor for my squat and my Deadlift is the lack of strength in my back. Remembering past sessions I realised that I have never felt any real burning effort come from my legs, it has always been my back feeling weaker and not up to scratch with the rest of my body. To this effect, when Sean and I start our new training block we will address this issue with accessory work and ‘encourage’ my back to catch up. Identifying weaknesses and improving them is essential to better and safer performance.

So my notes from the day:

– Inductions are a waste of time if you have “common sense” – (quote from inductor dude). Being able to ask for advice is a far better system and should be incorporated.

– Go deep, go high, go heavy.

– Get a plan, it is the only way to move forward fast.

– Identify weakness. Make weakness stronger.


Thanks for your time you beautiful viewers!


Train hard.




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