What an exciting day it has been…anyone for a syringe full of Stanozolol?

I’ve been trying to get this blog out there for like minded individuals to read, whilst at the same time trying to embark on a missionary project…back to my roots, where all of this weight lifting malarky began.

Men’s Health…

The reason I got into exercise science was because, ironically, I was an under-prepared, lazy little athlete. In my very early to mid-teens, I’d have to call my parents for a lift home after my training sessions (rowing) had finished. I often forgot to phone them until post-training socialising had finished. I had about 15-30 minutes on my hands after that and used that time wisely by sitting and reading the most recent Men’s Health magazine from the gym. I learned all about “shocking” your muscles, getting six-pack abs, MASSIVE arms, protein supplements, meal times, metabolic circuits, “miracle” workouts and a lot of other shite that my insecure, attention craving little brain interpreted wrongly…Not a single article in that magazine mentioned that training for BIG MUSCLES was not training maximum STRENGTH gains (until one article changed my mind, which I’ll link you to in a moment). Sure, body builders are strong guys, no doubt, but pound for pound, they’re nothing compared to power lifters, strongman competitors, etc.

For years (until I found out about the wonder of the internet PAST Men’s Health and Men’s Fitness) I was under the impression that muscle = strength. Why on earth I didn’t connect power lifters with record numbers  in my head I don’t know, but alas, I did not investigate until much later.

Since that coming of age, my training philosophies have been sculpted by many people. My old rowing coach, my old MMA coach (major influence regarding cardio), Mike Boyle, Coach Dos…everyone I previously listed in “The Experts”. Each brought something different to the table.

However, what each coach had in common was that they flagged up my strength deficit. I realised in doing their sessions and comparing/contrasting with guys online that for the weight I was at, I just wasn’t shifting the same weight. I had cycled body building bullshit routines and put on nearly 10kgs of muscle (a very modest gain) over a two year period alongside all the cardio work I’d been doing, but that relative strength just wasn’t there.

That is why this webpage exists. Sure, I hope it helps other guys to realise muscle does not equal might and that despite how busy we all are we can still make progress, but it also serves primarily as a training log for Ross and I, where we log our progress towards our primary objective –  strength. I got absolutely slated on the MH forum after posting this blog up, but that was more due to me being a dick about body builders…I do, at the end of the day, consider them all hilarious to observe. Why the fuck anyone would want to look like that is beyond me, but shit, each to their own. Curl away, but don’t expect me to be impressed. I KNOW body builders work their asses off, I just don’t give a shit about physique enough to be impressed by how good you think you look when you flex.

Of course, if someone asked me to help them put on some muscle, I’m happy to help – if you’re a skinny dude and it’s driving you mad. It’s a lifestyle improvement and I like to help people…but for a dude who wants to see benefits to training beyond that of happy mirror time, I’d rather people gave a shit about being able to shift loads and not shoot loads all over photos of Ronnie Coleman.

Again, I KNOW body building requires amazing time and effort, I just don’t give  a fuck about the results. I also don’t give a shit about football, tennis, poker, lacrosse, playing the trumpet or yodelling, but I KNOW all of that requires effort.

Part of the MH complaint was that for a guy my size, my numbers were lower than the guys I was mocking. Well, I mocked Anderson Silva’s performance VS Damian Maia, does it mean I think I can kick his ass? No, it was that the way he went about getting that win was straight up horrendous.


To cut a long story short, this blog is here for the purpose of logging our training efforts and hopefully showing along the way that size does not a (relatively) strong man make and that if you’re trying to improve your rugby, MMA, fishing, shitting, body building work outs are not going to help you. Strength training will. It also, again I say, is to show that busy people can find time to train and even blog about it – so throw away that “busy” excuse and go do something physical and fun.

Two links for you today…

1st – The article that changed it all for me – Coach Dos talks about getting STRONG before getting BIG…
2nd – Just to smash that ancient idea that all body builders are steroid abusing monkeys, here’s a link to a T-Nation sub-forum, detailing how you can effectively use steroids!

Get a grip.


This article is quite in favour of power lifting over body building, but gets the poor/”good” sides of both sports mentioned…sort of.


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