Day 4 – Getting Psyched (Awesome video)

Posted: February 28, 2011 in Bill Starr 5x5 Intermediate Programme
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Before I talk about the session, I thought I’d share this video with you. I picked it up off Conditioning Research last night and thought someone might appreciate it.




Ross mentioned at the end of last week that he didn’t feel as though he was in prime condition when he was in the weights room. It was nothing to do with his abdominal pain (which has now vanished) or a lack of diet prep/sleep but instead to do with something he h as used for years as a training tool. The tool is music.

It’s a given standard that you follow a set-tempo if one is available. Clothing stores often play slow music so you browse, talented street performers do the same to give you more time to think about putting cash in the tin. The usual drive Ross carries and the tempos he feels at his most physically confident have not been present. So today, he brought his iPod along to training. Any time he didn’t need to be listening, he had two speakers in, otherwise just one.

Needless to say, Ross finished the session today feeling he had given his best, maintained focus throughout the session and had produced solid, well-balanced, technically sound reps in each set.

Some science on the matter from Livestrong.

I know most of you listen to music at the gym, my point is that it’s not just boredom saving – it’s concentration and performance boosting.

For me, it changes every few weeks, but at the moment this playlist is getting me my fix.


Today’s session was the Monday 5×5 in Squats, Bench Press and Bent-Over Row.

We began with benching – as expected, with more weight on the bar, we administer the same amount of effort and the bar moves as planned.  GAIN.

Bent-Over Rows were the same, more weight, same effort. GAIN.

The Squat was last-up today. As with all exercises, what we pushed for three reps on Friday was done for 5 reps today. This is not exhaustive and it is about 2-5kilos under the expected 5-rep max’s. Regardless, getting under a bar and knowing that each rep you do MUST be of adequate technical prowess in order to progress is a daunting task. However, as was said last week, the fear of failing has been destroyed. As such, we both stepped under the bar and produced 5, well-balanced, strong, deserving repetitions. Without giving it your absolute best in the technique category (going shy of full range of motion, flailing, being off-balance) you are selling yourself short.

Just take a deep breath, lower the bar, reach your peak and drive.


General points on the day –

Ross’ abdomen problems have disappeared, much like mine did last year with dead lifting. I reckon it’s down to adaption.

Speaking to people in the gym can result in some very strange situations…

The changing rooms have been refurbished.

I enjoy training more than almost everything else I do in life.


What can you gather from our day’s training?

– Music is good! Go with up-beat songs that you’re familiar with, all the better if they carry emotive language or ideals (movie soundtracks, video game backtracks)

– You’re going to be more productive and more joyful with your work-out if you know you didn’t give up on your own technique. Be STRICT – you’ll be surprised how GOOD you are!

– Every day training is a day gaining.


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