A quick post to say hello to our visitors from Chris’ web page – http://conditioningresearch.blogspot.com. A lot of cracking info goes up on his site with a solid scientific background.

I’ll detail today’s session later but to cut a long story short, I had a cracking day, Ross may be about to rupture and the squat has vastly improved (for both of us) despite Ross’ issues.

I see many people have come to this site and then went on to visit the Gym Jones website and the Coach Dos site. Make sure you give the rest a good look, in particular Ripptoe’s “Starting Strength“. He’ll make you lift heavy things while laughing your ass clean off.


Posting later.

(Personal note to Dundee Medical students, can you believe our BMSc allocations aren’t up and it’s deadline day? Imagine that. Completely useless.)


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