If you listen to smart people, you’ll say/do smart things.

Here is a list of people/blogs I find thought provoking (RE: Strength/Conditioning) and people who are putting thought into action in sport and exercise.

Michael Boyle (www.strengthcoach.com)

Paul McVeigh (MMA coach, S&C Professional and all round character)

Conditioning Research (Strength and Conditioning research news – everything from sleep to super-marathons)

Doug McGuff (An Emergency Physician with an adoration for high intensity training – a well thought out lunatic, said as a compliment with the utmost respect. A personal inspiration.)

Mark Twight (The Godfather of all things painful – inspiration for our no bullshit approach. The Gym Jones team trained the actors for the movie “300”)

Dewey Nielsen (MMA coach, BJJ Black belt and S&C supremo)

Coach Robert Dos Remedios (Without Coach Dos, I’d still be doing body building workouts wondering why bicep curls didn’t give me the powers of flight and invisibility)

Alwyn Cosgrove (British S&C Pro – highly touted with a lot of experience behind him)

Mark Rippetoe – (“On steroids: There are no shortcuts. The fact that a shortcut is important to you means that you are a pussy.” – enough said)

Sports Medicine – (Injured or just plain curious about sports performance? Some detailed definitions here- but also some commercial bullshit)


There are of course others out there – but these are some well informed guys making you stronger (as well as fitter, more flexible, more technical, more driven, more able) in the 21st century. They are also, by and large, not pussies.

Reading anything Coach Rip says makes you believe the next time you break your leg, you should enjoy it. Freakin’ hilarious.


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