Commonstrength is a straight-forward project created to answer a simple question: “What can I do to get stronger?”

The name is a play on the term “common sense”. Our strength training beliefs are really quite simple…like everything in life, if you want to get better at something, you have to do that thing more often. In our case, we want to get better at lifting stupidly heavy things…as such, it’s just common sense to get lifting heavy things, frequently, with enough rest to give it your absolute best with each session. “Perfect practice makes perfect”.

Myself (Sean Cassidy) and fellow sports enthusiast (Ross Lang AKA Kankles) will be training over the coming months with the single intention of getting stronger – posting our progress, successes and failures on this page as a way of tracking our evolution and hopefully flagging up any mistakes we might be making.

Strength gains will be measured every 4-6 weeks in the following movements:

– Deadlift
– Squat
– Bench Press
– Bent-Over Row
– Weighted Pull-Ups
– Military Press

We have chosen these movements as they encompass all of the main movements that may be involved, generally speaking, in human activity, that being:

– Hamstrings Pulling
– Quadriceps Pushing
– Horizontal Push
– Horizontal Pull
– Vertical Push
– Vertical Pull

By the end of this week we will have our 1RM (one rep max) in these manouvers and will tailor an intermediate 5×5 regimen from these numbers, with the intention of increasing them over time.

5×5 Regiment –×5-Workout.aspx

At times the exercises peformed over the work periods may change. This could be due to anything from injury to boredom. However, the motive will never change – big things moving, small increments, bigger things moving.

Who needs luck when you have common strength?

  1. phil says:

    Good luck gentlemen! I’m in somewhat of the same boat – hunting for common strength (and sense really, but that’s a long term goal). I’m following some of Barry Ross’ program which focuses on deadlift and bench press. Anyways, I’ll be following you dudes and good luck!

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